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Children and Art

Give me something to help me feel powerful,
Give me something to help me show what I feel,
Give me something to help me feel proud of who I am,
Give me something to communicate and connect with my own self…
Give me ART ;
 and then, let me follow the trail of my heart and I will CREATE !

Welcome to halfspoon.com !

               Who ?

We are art lovers and collectors, who enjoy sharing our collections with everyone !.
                                  How ?
That is why we created a company in 2006 with offices in Texas and Mexico, continuing with the family tradition of collecting studying and promoting Mexican art.
                                                                              Why ?
Since our main goal is to bring art to as many people as possible, especially students of all ages, and transmit them the great value of preserving art in order to preserve history, we have put together an important number of collections and programs. Please go ahead and explore some of the amazing mexican art we have on display here.  Enjoy !


Texas - Mexico



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